WCHRRA club members in addition to hunting for the goodies also clean up the environment by pulling out trash found during their hunts. This effort of packing out the trash found is part of the code of ethics we adhere to. This effort helps the detectorist out by cleaning out the junk buried and possibly revealing good masked targets.
In addition some of the trash is valuable in its own right. Copper, brass, aluminum, lead and other metals are worth a few dollars from the recycling centers. Some locations we hunt in have trash that maybe harmful, like used hypodermic needles, and other types of drug paraphenalia. This we dispose of in waste containers in the parks or beaches. Other objects found can be classified as relics. Detectorist hunt on permission granted land often find things like buried fence posts, old plow points, spikes, that can ruin a farmers equipment when they are working their land. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the land.

Below are some pictures of the typical trash removed from various hunt sites. We have carried out over 170 lbs of trash from just the club hunts in one year alone! The trash pictured below consists of broken glass, aluminum cans, wire, steel objects, iron debris, lead from fishing tackle and various other junk. Much of the trash pictured below is recyclable.