DSC01946Special Services of the Will County Historical Research & Recovery Association

Our club members are skilled at finding and recovering lost metal items. We can help you find lost jewelry, watches, coins, keys, tools, or other metal objects anywhere in the greater Chicagoland area. Please email your request to info@wchrra.org. One of our Wchrra club officers will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. To see articles on some our successes check out, Good Deeds page.

Insurance Companies- club members can assist insurance companies or their clients in attempting to find a lost piece of jewelry or valuable metal item. In some cases the lost object is near where the person was woking in the yard, at the beach or other location.

Evidence Recovery - club members will assist local police agencies to locate metallic items under the strict supervision of Police Officers, Police Evidence Technicians, Detectives or CSI’s.

Private individuals are welcome contact us to help locate lost metal items on your property or other locations. We do need an approximate area where you think you lost the item. We can locate property stakes, sprinkler heads, keys, and many other objects containing metal.

Contractors, Landscapers, Builders contact us to assist in locating abandoned pipes, survey markers, sprinkler heads, drains, waste cleanouts, and other metallic objects.

Archaeological Recovery - Club members can assist historians, researchers, museum or university personnel in locating archaeological artifacts in situ under the supervision of the site director. Using a metal detector can uncover a wider area of discovery than a traditional pit survey. Contact us for more information on how we can assist in your research. For additional information on how metal detectorists can work with you, go to http://www.artifactdetectingteam.com/

Review our recovery techniques page for an example of how proper recovery of a lost item won’t leave unsightly holes behind.

Contact info@wchrra.org