It is a unique experience.
WCHRRA expands your hobby with Adventure, Camaraderie and Knowledge in metal detecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before metal detecting anywhere especially cities, towns or villages, check with the local park district or the police department and verify was the law is.
Always secure permission before hunting on any private property! We have permission form available as examples. Make sure you have a way of contacting the permission grantor or written permission available.
Becoming a member is easy, print out a membership form available on the website, come to a meeting and meet the group.

What others are saying

Looking for a club
Looked for an organization to get involved with. Needless to say WCHRRA is an active club. - John
New to the hobby
Joining WCHRRA has been great. Learning more about metal detecting with help from members. - Shawn
New locations
Joining WCHRRA has opened new detecting sites to me. Club has several private and exclusive locations. Definitely a great group of people. - Lacy