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Club Picnic Update

Update on Club Picnic!

Please log into the Members Only section of the club website to get the latest news on the club picnic for 2017.


The picnic will be held on September 10th this year.


Important News Update!

The WCHRRA 2017 Christmas Party and December meeting will be held on Dec 26th.

The festivities will start at 6:30 with dinner served around 7:00. Please bring a dessert dish to pass around.


Yes, there will be a short meeting to do the end of the year stuff.

News Item

News Update

From the desk of the News Headline Editor:

News Flash: Ticks Gone Wild!

Ticks this season are really bad.We've had an average winter and a cool but wet spring and summer, it seems to the tick population didn't suffer at all and they are out there waiting for us to get out and join them. There have been cases of Lyme's disease reported in Illinois already. It also has been reported that the disease is spreading further each year. 

We need to be careful when we go out into the woods and grassy areas where these little pests are hiding looking for a free lunch.

Below is an interesting document from the CDC on ticks. Please download and read it. It shows the symptoms of the diseases that ticks carry.

Tick Borne Diseases.pdf

Special Event Hunt

 These events are only for members in good standing.

For further information please log in to the Members only section, Members Only Events page or send an email to info@wchrra.org for more information.

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